Experiences Brand Awareness Strategy

Airbnb announced Trips at the Airbnb Open in November 2016 where Experiences, local activities, were introduced. While the attendees of this event and existing Airbnb customers are mostly familiar with the new offerings there are opportunities to increase brand awareness. I chose this as a four month consulting engagement for my MBA course, Market Insights, where myself and my team were given a $1M budget to figure out a strategy to boost revenue by 30%.

The Idea

The idea we came up with was to extend the invitation annual open festival to include guests and broader public. To celebrate airbnb’s 10th anniversary the festival would be held simultaneously in 10 cities around world and live streamed on social media. In each city there would be experience exhibit booths with rotating hosts so guests can try out a variety of activities. Attendees have a chance to enter and win a dream vacation to enjoy the Trips offerings end-to-end (homes, single & immersive experiences, flights, conceierge)

We performed over 30 street intercepts in San Francisco and Washington D.C. to gather market insights about the experiences they desired and get feedback on our concepts. The following is a prototype I created and tested with 5 people.

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