Moving Audiences With Venue Analytics

Uber partners with media & entertainment companies to enhance experiences for their audience before, during, and after events. Marketing Managers are responsible for establishing relationships with these partners and therefore have to prepare presentations to pitch an offering. I was posed with a design challenge to create a solution to eliminate the manual SQL queries of data for these reports.


Primary Persona

  • Sandra is a Marketing Manager with Uber in Oakland, CA
  • She helps partners to provide subsidized roles to their customers
  • She crafts stories with data that move people to take action


  • Fast access to rider data for specific locations
  • Tell visually compelling stories with data about how Uber improves audience experiences for entertainment partners
  • Close deals with entertainment partners

From SQL to Search

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon on a Friday at Uber of Oakland. Sandra is getting ready to leave for the day when she remembers that she forgot to prepare the pitch deck for her meeting tomorrow at 11am.

Sandra opens up Sequel Pro and starts trying to write SQL queries and begins to panic because time is running out. She has to leave in 45 minutes for her wedding anniversary dinner in San Francisco.

She calls up Bryan and asks him if there are any tools she can use to easily explore the Uber data set. He tells Sandra that she’s in luck because his team just finished creating a shiny new app for venues.

Bryan Slacks her the link to the new app on so she can start using it. Sandra opens the app, types in Fox Theatre and hits enter. She quickly exports the data and charts and pastes them into her pitch deck.

She’s ready for tomorrow and has time to spare. The whole process to her less than two minutes, unlike before when she would spend an entire hour writing SQL queries.

Sandra is so glad she called Bryan. This new app is going to save her so much time for future pitches. Now she’ll be able to enjoy a romantic evening with her husband and close the deal with LNE.


Natural Language Processing Search

Just type the query instead of using a query builder or manually selecting filters.

Full Screen Map View

Search for the venue location and then use filters to generate a report.


Search With Pre-defined Filters

Use pre-defined filters in the search similar to real estate and travel sites.


AI Powered Chat Bot

Type in your request in a conversational UI like KitCRM or Ozlo and generate a report.

Features & Recommendations

Multiple Data Sets

Combine the Trip Experiences API & Partner APIs data set to generate reports for more than just the Media & Entertainment industry.

Saved Reports

Go back to reports to review, schedule reports to be emailed to partners to show performance.

Export Results

Export data in the most convenient format for your presentation (JPG, PNG, CSV, or PDF).


Create a private or public link to share your search query with anyone.

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